...our beans at our coffee roastery that’s situated close to the markethall, ‘Saluhallen Slakteriet’, Västerås. We create new types of specialty coffee not only for the heart but also the brain. We believe in ‘true coffee love’ and try to create memorable experiences with each cup.

WHO IS Björklund?

The man behind the coffee roastery is Johan Björklund from Västerås – a passionate coffee lover and entrepreneur, who has worked in the food and drink industry for 20 years. In the autumn of 2013, Johan decided to continue a 100-year old tradition of coffee roasting craftsmanship in Västerås. He took it upon himself to let the people of this city experience how a good coffee could and should taste. Our coffee beans are always of a high quality and are roasted daily with great knowledge and feeling.

Why a coffee roastery in Västerås?

We feel that we have a lot to offer with regards to coffee. We wish to appeal to people who enjoy genuine, quality coffee, that want to know the process behind each bean and ultimately, each cup of coffee. The whole of this process comes down to a result of knowledge, passion and feel. This is the process that we want to promote to our coffee drinkers. We want people to be as excited as we are about specialty coffee.

We want to spread the knowledge, experience and flavour profiles of a good, freshly roasted coffee within Västerås and the Mälardalen area. At Björklunds coffee roastery we aim to bring to life the 100 year old local coffee tradition with aromas, tastes and perceptions of high quality goods. Our coffee roastery will not only show the consumer new ways to enjoy coffee but it will also educate you in how they should look, taste and feel.