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Westras coffice

The ‘coffice’ is a co-operation between Westras and Björklunds Kafferosteri. Westras is a co-working space for entrepreneurs in the heart of Västerås city. When Westras was first established, a part of the concept was to offer the people working there a café. To create this together with the fellow entrepreneurs at Björklunds Kafferosteri, felt right for both parties. The concept became reality, by combining “coffee” and “office” - this resulted in the Coffice.

Pastries and bread are made fresh by Bygdens Bageri. A small-scale local stone oven bakery, who focuses on craft and the quality of ingredients. The salads are created by the guys at the popular Salladsmagasinet. Westras Coffice by Björklunds is a café where we offer ‘true coffee love’ - our guests are here to experience what a great cup of coffee could and should taste like.


Monday - Friday 07:30-17:00

Kopparbergsvägen 6

+46 (0) 70 - 418 80 09